Friday, October 30, 2009

Gabism Question of the Day

Gabi: Mommy would you rather be with someone who is mean to you, or someone who picks his nose?

Mommy: Well, I'd say somebody who picks his nose because nobody deserves to be treated poorly.

Gabi: Yah, but he picks it all night long.

LOL! Where in the world??? Idk. She is a hoot.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Growing Girls

Wow. Time flies. It truly does. Here are some recent pics of the girls- Gabi is 6 years and Ellie is 18 mos. So hard for me to believe.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

18 Months Ago Today and First Grade Tomorrow

18 months ago today was March 7, 2008. Our precious Elliana was entered the world and captured our hearts. How is it possible that she is already 1.5 years old? Sigh. She continues to be SUPER SUPER busy and um, curious. She is into EVERYTHING, particularly that which she KNOWS she shouldn't be. Which is all the more reason to LOVE her.

Yesterday, we were at Brown's for ice cream, etc. and I leaned on my Mom as I was holding Ellie and said "My Mommy". Ellie, literally took both her hands and used them to pull my head off my Mom's shoulder. She kept patting my chest saying "My Mom, My Mom, My Mom". It was soooo cute!

Words she can say:

Mommy/Mama/Mom/My Mom
Gah-Gah (aka Gabi)
Uh-huh (aka Why, YES I agree completely with that lovely idea)
Ease (aka Please)
Atch (aka Watch- pointing to the DVD player in van)
Jes (aka Yes)
Side (aka outside)
Dis (aka this)
Das (aka that)
Baby Signs "more"

She knows what she wants, and how she wants it. She communicates clearly by shaking her head "no" when she doesn't want something, and pointing and saying "dis" when she does.

In other news, Gabi starts FIRST grade tomorrow!! I can't believe it! Again, another example of how quickly time flies. Sigh. She is more than ready, and I'm thrilled for her. It's just hard to let her go.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hablas Espanol and so much more.....

I've been so negligent in blogging this summer! It only stands to reason that the "Gabisms" are piling up! Here's a few of the "good" ones. LOL
All in a days shopping:

Gabi and I spent Tuesday at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall school clothes shopping. There were a large number of LOTE (Language Other Than English) speaking individuals there. Gabi, not missing a beat, picked up on this. Here's our lunch conversation:

Gabi: From now on we are only going to speak to each other in Spanish. (of which she knows none)

Mommy: Spanish, really?

Gabi: (Starts pointing to objects and talking in broken, unrecognizable words.)

Mommy: Muy Bien tu hablas Espanol

Gabi: Ok, how about you speak English and I speak Spanish?

LOL! She kept up her version of Spanish for hours.

While at the mall she conned me into buying her yet another stuffed animal, a dog. She made me cut ALL the tags off of it so that people would "know it's a real dog". She proceeded to carry it around with her and randomly bark at people. When they would look at her, she would grin and pet her dog proudly.

The product of educators, indeed:

Last week, as I was getting ready for the day Gabi RUSHES into the bathroom and the following conversation ensues.

Gabi: (Frantically waving her arms and speaking in a desperate tone of voice) I NEED FOUR SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS AND I NEED THEM NOW! All my teachers are out, who is going to teach these kids? What will we do?

Mommy: (stifling laughter) Well, you are the Principal it's your job to take care of it.

Gabi: (without even a moment's hesitation) Actually, since YOU are the Vice Principal it's YOUR job to take care of it. It's MY job to MAKE SURE you do it!

(Did I mention Howie is a Principal and I'm a High School Counselor, lol!)

It's hard to believe that she will be turning SIX on Wednesday. My baby! Sigh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tennessee Trip 2009

Click here to view these pictures larger

We just returned from an amazing vacation! It was awesome. We travelled with the Reardon family, and spent time with the Waits family as well. We were lucky to be able to bring two of Gabi's bio sisters with us for the first few days of the trip. We met up with the amazing Grandma Kathy there and she was able to spend time with all of us before taking the sisters back to her house for a visit.

I had sooo many pics, I narrowed it down to these "few". Jen, if you are reading this, I'll send you another link of all your Hannah and Emma sweet pics!!! xoxooxo